Pastor's Bible Study

Luncheon Study: 12:30–1:00pm, Fellowship Hall

Evening Study: 6:30–7:15pm, Fellowship Hall and Live Streaming

Teachers: Rev. Dr. Richard Gibbons and Associates

Fall 2023: The Lord’s Prayer

Prayer is often thought of as that sweet and tender moment when we rest in the presence of God and open up our heart to Him. Yet we also recognize that prayer can be difficult and challenging, especially when we don’t know what to say, and we wonder if God is even listening. Not to mention handling the guilt when we know we should pray, but simply can’t be bothered. Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring what is often called the greatest prayer of all, The Lord’s Prayer. We will discover how to resolve some of our challenges and questions about prayer as we consider what it means to intentionally pray by immersing ourselves in the character and nature of “Our Father.” If you are ready to be refreshed and renewed in prayer, come and join us on Wednesdays at lunchtime or in the evening.