Pastor's Bible Study

Wednesdays • January 4–April 26 (Luncheon & Evening studies)

Wednesdays • May 3–June 28 (Luncheon Study only)

Luncheon Study 12:30–1:00pm Fellowship Hall

Evening Study 6:30–7:15pm Fellowship Hall and Live Streaming

Teacher: Rev. Dr. Richard Gibbons

Down through the centuries, each generation of Christians seeking to grow in their faith has turned to the inspired poems of the Psalms and the wisdom literature of Proverbs as they wrestle with the full range of human emotions and experiences. Prayerfully and quietly laying themselves bare before the heart of God, they have learned what it means to engage with the practical lessons of Proverbs, while enjoying the exalted heights of devotion and personal challenge contained in the Psalms. Join us for this series of studies if you are serious about wrestling with some of the big issues God brings into our lives in order to refine us and move us toward being more Christ-like in our relationship with Him.