Fine Arts Ministry


Why a Fine Arts Ministry?

We believe there is transformative power in the beauty of art, in the marvel of theater, in the wonder of music, and ultimately in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have developed state-of-the-art facilities that will allow us to serve artists well so that we can minister to them and reach out into our community with the transforming power of the gospel.

These facilities are also tools for First Presbyterian to further mobilize our congregation and our missional communities. They do not exist only for a Fine Arts Ministry, but rather for the entirety of our church’s mission, ministries, and events. Providing arts events for the community enables us to:

• meet community members that we would not otherwise encounter
• showcase the power of God’s redemptive work through the beauty and creativity of the arts
• create an outlet for our congregation to minister to the arts community, both locally and through guest hospitality
• partner with a variety of faith-based arts organizations
• create opportunities for discipleship
• demonstrate the free gift of God’s love

We look forward to seeing how God will lead and work among us and in our city in the years to come!

Fine Arts Committee members: Jay Bopp, Rich Bradshaw, David Burke (Chair, Performing Arts Team), Amy Cooter, Don Nickell (Chair), Rip Parks (Chair, Visual Arts Team), Thomas Willcox)

For more information about the Fine Arts Ministry, contact Chelsea Fraser at

Fine Arts Use Application

If you are interested in using First Presbyterian for your arts event or exhibition space, please complete this application.

Fine Arts Use Application

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